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Your iPhone

Download Mango Mirror App on your iPhone. This is your control App. Setup, schedule, configure and choose widgets to display.

 + any Android tablet

Download Mango Display App on your Android Tablet. Don't have one? Get a tablet for less than $50 here.

*Also works with Fire TV, Raspberry Pi or Smart Mirror

=  your life displayed

Place your Android Tablet anywhere you want and it will automatically display your time, weather, steps, sleep, news, health, calendar, reminders, nutrition, quotes, notes  and more

Mango Mirror display options

Smart Mirror

Buy the original Mango Mirror Smart Mirror. Or explore smart mirror DIY options. Assemble your own smart mirror with Alexa in under 10 minutes. 

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Weight loss

Displaying your weight, nutrition and exercise with goals and achievement badges is a great way to achieve the weight you want.

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Dementia & Alzheimer's  

Displays time, weather, photos, personal notes, reminders and more. Little reminders of a beautiful life.

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Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep Tracking

Display your steps, exercise, heart rate, sleep, nutrition and more. Helps you to Reach, beat or maintain all your health goals.

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Smart Displays

Create amazing large screen displays with your content over beautiful backgrounds for your home of business. Use Android Tablets and Amazon Fire TV or a Raspberry Pi

Mango Connect Health Platform

Share your data with your coach and other care organizations to help reach your goals

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Displays data from fitbit, Apple watch and other apps and devices via Apple health

Display Demo

Demo of sample widgets being displayed on Mango Mirror. 

Specific widget layout, size and loop timing are based on App settings.

App Features

A single App Controls All

Full control with Mango Mirror App

Customize your dashboard to display the data you want.

Set up Wi-fi. Add, Remove and Resize widgets. A screen timer allow you to loop through all your content.

App Features

Widgets available on Mango Mirror App

Health & Activity




  Flights Climbed

  Active Energy

  Total Energy

  Resting Energy


  Blood Pressure

  Blood Glucose

  Heart Rate

Body and Weight

  Body Mass Index

  Body Fat Percentage


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Nutrition & Sleep


  Total Fat

  Dietary Cholesterol

  Dietary Sugar

  Dietary Energy







  Time Asleep

  Time in Bed

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Weather, Events, Time, Quotes, News, Twitter, Notes


  Today's weather

  24 hour weather forecast

  5 day weather forecast






Daily Quotes

News Headlines

Personal Notes

RescueTime Tracking (Productivity)

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Featured on

Encouraging positive behavior change in health and fitness through glanceable feedback

By incorporating glanceable feedback into a user’s daily routine, Mango Mirror makes self-reflection and goal-setting daily activities without requiring that users alter their existing schedules or make tradeoffs with their other activities and obligations.

Through a discussion of existing research from behavior science, human motivation, and product design, we have outlined the ways in which its innovative design reflects well-established insights about goal setting and motivation and incorporates cutting-edge features that leverage the persuasive power of glanceable feedback to support behavior change.

To read the entire white paper, click here.