a smart mirror that displays your health, fitness, nutrition, sleep and daily activity dashboards
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Mango Mirror

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Key Features:

  • 800 x 480 pixels, 7" Colour Display  (placement as shown)
  • 802.11n Wireless LAN (2.5 GHz), Bluetooth 4.0
  • PIR Motion Sensor, turns on digital display only when required 
  • Specially crafted 5mm thick high quality all glass mirror
  • Connected Power Supply / Adapter (UL Listed), Output: 5V DC / 2.5A, Regulated Input: 100 - 240VAC 
  • Polished stainless steel top and bottom railings
  • Made in Canada 🇨🇦

      Mango Mirror 360° view video

      Mango Mirror Installation Video

      Click here to read the Mango Mirror installation document

      Privacy and Security is at the core of every decision we make at Mango Mirror. This document provides you with an overview of how we approached safeguarding our users Privacy and Security. To review  our detailed privacy policies  please visit Mango Mirror Store Privacy Policy  or  Mango Mirror App Privacy Policy.

      We believe that every user should take an interest in the privacy of their data and understand what measures have been taken to ensure that privacy.  This document is created to provide you with an overview of some of the steps we have taken in order to ensure our user's privacy and security is maintained.

      Separation of Store and App user information

      Our online store where customers purchase Mango Mirror is hosted with Shopify the most secure and industry leading e-commerce platform.  

      Our App backend database is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is the worlds most secure and trusted cloud platform used and trusted by companies like the Nasdaq and the FDA.

      For our users, this means that if you purchased Mango Mirror you would have an account on our store and a separate account on the App. While this may be inconvenient,  we have made this choice on purpose. Why did we choose this? To make sure there is no way to link a user's app data back to a users real identity.

      Online Store: When you purchase Mango Mirror we require Personally Identifiable information (PII)  like first and last name, address and payment information. All of this information is required in order to verify payment and complete shipping. We do not assign any App related information to this account. This account is purely for the purchase transaction.

      App: When you sign up on the app we only ask for your email address and display name as mandatory. It is to this account that we assign all the data that is required to be displayed on Mango Mirror for that user. But we also encrypt your e-mail address using AWS Key Management Service, so that only our application can retrieve the key to authenticate a user when they log in. Any other PII (or close to PII) classified information provided in the widgets that you use, like approximate location used in the weather widget or attendees of a meeting are similarly encrypted. Furthermore all requests for the key to encrypt/decrypt that data is logged so that there is a complete trail of the key being used by our application for our security auditing purpose. 

      What this means is that even our authorized employees who have access to our database for technical reasons can't obtain the email addresses or any PII of our App users, each user is simply stored and displayed a random unique string of characters. This allows us to anonymously store the data and run our analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide you with extremely valuable insights, without ever being able to identify you. We give you insight on your data but we can never identify who you are. 

      Device Encryption

      No information is stored on Mango Mirror device. Everything that you see displayed is served up from memory and cleared after the session. So if you were to connect and use Mango Mirror at a friends place or a hotel, you can rest assured that your data is not available for anyone to review after you have left. Also, Mango Mirror's operating system data and files (non user data) is stored encrypted on disk.

      Third Party integration

      Whether data is displayed  via Apple Health, Fitbit or Twitter, we only use the authentication methods made available by these services and use the data in accordance with the terms of those services. So we never see or store your user account for those services, you simply authorize those services to provide the data to us, and you can revoke that authorization anytime from those services.

      Multi-level Authentication

      User and Mango Mirror specific authentication. If someone else tries to impersonate you and logs into the app on their phone with your username and password, they will not be able to see any of your data over the web or even if they own another Mango Mirror. This is because your data is linked to you and the specific Mango Mirror you added to your profile.

      Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

      Mango Mirror communicates to our AWS backend servers via HTTPS and Secure MQTT. All connections to our backend server via our App also happen over HTTPS.  

      Mutual Authentication

      We've implemented both client side and server side certificates (mutual authentication) to ensure that both the backend server and Mango Mirror can authenticate each other before sharing any data between them.

      Bluetooth Encryption

      Mango Mirror securely pairs and communicates with your iPhone during the initial setup of any later communication. All data sent and received is encrypted.

      Automatic OS updates

      Mango Mirror OS is constantly being updated with new features, fixes and security enhancements. These updates happen automatically and in the background to ensure that your device is running our latest software.

      Location Services

      Mango Mirror uses beacon technology in order to identify which user profile to display based on the proximity of the user's phone. In order for this feature to work without you opening the Mango Mirror App every time, iOS requires that we obtain 'Always' authorization to location services using their Core Location Framework. We do not track, capture or store your location for this purpose. It is only used by iOS to notify our App when you are in proximity to Mango Mirror so we can display your information.

      If you choose use 'current location' in the weather widget in the Mango Mirror App we capture and store the approximate location during setup (or when modified) to provide you with the most accurate local weather.

      Deleting your Information

      You are in charge of your information. If you decide to no longer use our services, you can chose to delete your account and all related data immediately from our servers via the Mango Mirror App. We do not inactivate your account, we delete it completely. If you decide to join us again, you can setup an account again.

      Sharing of Information

      Simple. We do not share or sell the information you choose to display on Mango Mirror with any other party. 

      We hope that this document provides you with a glimpse into how seriously we take the privacy and security of our users.

      If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy or security policies please contact us.




      Prefer a different size, frame, or larger display for your own Smart Mirror? Buy our pre-selected kits. Assemble them in under 20 minutes! Works worldwide.

      Smart Mirror using Android tablet

      Smart Mirror using Android tablet

      Use this Mirror, Amazon Fire tablet (or any other Android Tablet).

      Download the Free Mango Display App on your Android/Amazon Fire tablet.

      Configure and Control it with our FREE 'Mango Mirror' iOS App. 

      Instructions and setup....
      Smart Mirror using Fire TV stick

      Smart Mirror using Fire TV stick

      Use this Mirror,  Amazon Fire TV stick and this 24" monitor to get a larger screen.

      Download the Free Mango Display App on your Android/Amazon Fire tablet.

      Configure and Control it with our FREE 'Mango Mirror' iOS App. 

      Instructions and setup....
      Smart Mirror using Raspberry Pi

      Smart Mirror using Raspberry Pi

      Use this Mirror, Raspberry Pi and this 24" monitor to get a larger screen.

      Download and use the Free Mango Display OS on your Raspberry Pi.

      Configure and Control it with our FREE 'Mango Mirror' iOS App. 

      Instructions and setup....


      Make healthy decisions every day with your very own personal dashboard.

      View your steps, sleep, exercise, weight, calories, hydration and other data that you track via Apple Health or Fitbit, reflected on a Mango Mirror display of your choice - Smart Mirror, TV, Monitor or Tablet.

      Displays data from fitbit, Apple watch and other apps and devices via Apple health

      Designed in perfect harmony

      Designed in perfect harmony

      Carefully selected fonts, colours, graphs, icons and transitions present you with seamless and beautiful visuals no mater which display option you choose.

      Full control with Mango Mirror App

      Full control with Mango Mirror App

      Customize Mango Mirror to display the data you want to see.

      Add, Remove and Resize widgets.

      A screen timers allow you to loop through all your content.

      App Features

      Display Demo

      Demo of sample widgets being displayed on Mango Mirror. 

      Specific widget layout, size and loop timing are based on App settings.

      App Features
      No buttons. Just you.

      No buttons. Just you.

      The display magically appears when you approach Mango Mirror and disappears after you walk away*. Magic, and also saves energy.

      *Motion sensor Feature available on Smart Mirror and MangOS. Double tap to wake/sleep feature available on Mango Mirror Display Android App.

      Single User or Multi-User Configuration

      Single User or Multi-User Configuration

      Setup Mango Mirror with a single display layout for all users at home. Or set it up to so that each user in the home gets to see their own personalized display layout and data*.

      *Multi-user configuration available on Smart Mirror and MangOS. Only Single user option available for Mango Mirror Display Android App.

      A single App Controls All

      Full control with Mango Mirror App

      Customize your dashboard to display the data you want.

      Set up Wi-fi. Add, Remove and Resize widgets. A screen timer allow you to loop through all your content.

      App Features

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      💚 from Reviewers & Users

      Mango Mirror provides me all the information I need every morning to start my day in the right direction while subtlety reminding me too take care of myself by attention to my exercise, nutrition, and sleep. It true is a health device focused on your mind, body, and soul!

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      Mango Mirror lets me touch base with my health and my day every morning, all in one place, while I brush my teeth. It’s awesome!

      - @QuantifiedDave

      Follow QuantifiedDave's weight loss journey  here

      Seeing my daily step count right on the mirror every time I look into it, has encouraged me to walk more, and more consistently than I have done before


      Seeing charts of daily calories burned and consumed along with my weight and sleep data has been key in helping me reach my health goals for the year


      I don't track my steps, but just having the time, weather, news calendar and Twitter feed on my mirror is an amazing way to start the day.


      Mango Mirror Featured on

      Discovery Channel, Daily Planet


      Lucas Cochran, Tech Correspondent, DAILY PLANET 


      Widgets available on Mango Mirror App

      Health & Activity




        Flights Climbed

        Active Energy

        Total Energy

        Resting Energy


        Blood Pressure

        Blood Glucose

        Heart Rate

      Body and Weight

        Body Mass Index

        Body Fat Percentage


      Learn more

      Nutrition & Sleep


        Total Fat

        Dietary Cholesterol

        Dietary Sugar

        Dietary Energy







        Time Asleep

        Time in Bed

      Learn more

      Weather, Events, Time, Quotes, News, Twitter, Notes


        Today's weather

        24 hour weather forecast

        5 day weather forecast






      Daily Quotes

      News Headlines

      Personal Notes

      RescueTime Tracking (Productivity)

      Learn more

      Mango Mirror

      Designed to fit your life

      Featured on

      Reflect your best life

      Watch “Change”

      Encouraging positive behavior change in health and fitness through glanceable feedback

      By incorporating glanceable feedback into a user’s daily routine, Mango Mirror makes self-reflection and goal-setting daily activities without requiring that users alter their existing schedules or make tradeoffs with their other activities and obligations.

      Through a discussion of existing research from behavior science, human motivation, and product design, we have outlined the ways in which its innovative design reflects well-established insights about goal setting and motivation and incorporates cutting-edge features that leverage the persuasive power of glanceable feedback to support behavior change.

      To read the entire white paper, click here.