We believe that when empowered with key insights daily, passionate people will set their course and take daily action to fully control their destiny

Mango Mirror is headquartered, designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada. 

Inspired by great companies like VirginBasecamp, Zapier and Automatic who recommend remote-working teams for optimal performance. And staying true to our mission to reflect our best lives. Our Team is made up of of insanely talented people who work remotely. Great talent is global, our world is connected and spending 15 days a year commuting to work is not an ideal way to live a best life.

Driven by our founder's story and passion we have built a team that strongly delivers on that mission. Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Executive Team

Dave Dubier, Founder & CEO

Pravin Uttarwar, Software Engineering

Rochelle Burby, Marketing & Customer Relations


Health & Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Pamela Simmons, MD (Ontario, Canada)

Health & Medical Advisory Board Member

Michell Brunton, Registered Nurse (Ontario, Canada)