Monitor your client's tracked steps, exercise, nutrition, water, weight, BMI, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose and more via a secure web portal. Track values against goals. Review Machine Learning forecasts, anomaly detection, trends and alerts to help your clients live their best life.

The three pillars to client health success

Individual Accountability

Client Health Portal displayed at home keeps the client aware, focused, informed and accountable towards hitting their goals

Machine Learning Analysis

Machine Learning insights identify data anomalies and trends automatically and alert you

 Data driven feedback

Review actuals against goals and forecasts and provide feedback, coaching, education updated plans to clients as needed

 Clients can connect in seconds via the app 

Monthly Pricing PLANS


Perfect for Individual remote Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coaches

$ 0

  • up to 10 clients per month
  • Reports online via portal
  • Reports via e-mail
  • Machine Learning alerts and forecasting
  • Clients need to be subscribed to Premium subscription on Mango Mirror iOS App


Perfect for Weight Clinics, Diabetes Clinics, Coaching Organizations & Remote Clinics

$ 300

  • Per 20 clients per month
  • Reports online via portal
  • Reports via e-mail
  • Machine Learning alerts and forecasting
  • No client side Premium subscription needed. 

If you are a health coach interested in utilizing the Mango Connect platform with your clients please submit your information below along with the Plan you are interested in. If you choose the Basic plan we will send you a confirmation e-mail with details once it is approved. If you choose the Pro plan we will contact you to discuss further.

Register as a Coach to Mango Connect

*Works with data from fitbit, apple watch, iPhone and all other Apps and Devices that integrate with Apple Health (ex. MyFitnessPal, Nokia Health, One drop, etc.)

Clients must use an iPhone (Mango Mirror App) and use an Android Tablet for their Health Portal Display (Mango Display App). Client authorizes your organization's access to their data via Mango Mirror App. This can be revoked by client at any time.