Mango Connect

Connect and share your data with your care provider to help you meet all your goals

Use our Mango Connect platform to securely and privately share your data with weight loss coaches, health coaches, Certified Diabetes Educators and trainers to help you reach your goals and reflect your best life.

Get the support and coaching you need to be successful.

High performing individuals (athletes, executives, etc.) share their data with coaches, trainers and nutritionists to help them perform at their peak.  We want to bring that same capability to people, to get the data driven remote support, motivation and coaching  that they need to succeed on that day-to-day journey towards a healthier life.


Use Mango Display to review your health, fitness and nutrition data every day. 

Coach, Trainer or Care provider

With your authorization via the app, can review that same data over the Mango Connect platform 


Your care provider provides you with data driven feedback, coaching and motivation to achieve your goals

If you are a health coach interested in utilizing the Mango Connect platform with your clients please submit your information and we will send you a confirmation e-mail once it is approved.

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