Mirror your world. Your way. With Mango Display.

The software that powers the iconic Mango Mirror smart mirror, now available as an App for Android. FREE. 

Setup and choose from our large list of available widgets here (including clock, weather, health, news, calendar & more) using the same, simple to use Mango Mirror iOS App. Choose any size Android Tablet, Fire Tablet or Fire TV stick and display it in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, anywhere. 

Setup in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Download Mango Display App on your device from the Google Play store or the Amazon App Store

Step 2

Download Mango Mirror App from the iOS App store. Setup Display, select and configure widgets & layout

Step 3

Leave Mango Display App running on your Android device and watch your information displayed automatically!

Compatible Display Devices

Android or Amazon Fire Tablet

+ Optional Desk/Wall stand for better viewing

*works with most mordern tablets

HDMI display via Fire TV

Use any size HDMI compatible display of your choice. Works in portrait and landscape.

Thats it! Simple.

How to setup Mango Display, by Caroline Dunn

Display Options

Use Mango Display on any unused Android tablet you already have. If you don't have one, here are some options. 

Getting a smart display like Mango Display to help you manage  your health and take control of your day has never been more affordable. 


or try this combo for a larger display

.    +    

A personal health dashboard

Add personal photo backgrounds

A headline News portal, Twitter scroller, calendar, Notes, more.....

 Customer Feedback

So simple to setup. I'm not a coder/programmer and I've wanted something like this for a long time. I'm using it as a time, weather, news and calendar dashboard in our kitchen for the family. Its amazing.

Joel, Canada

I set up two displays for my girlfriend and I, so we can have own on personal health, calendar and notes. It's started a little friendly health competition, now that its displayed and seen everyday :)

Leo, California

An Android App that is completely setup and controlled by an iOS App. Never thought I'd see the day. Amazing and simple implemenation.

Lilly, India

Download Mango Display for Mango Mirror

Download Mango Display on the Google Play store here

Download Mango Display for Mango Mirror

Download Mango Display on the Amazon app store here