Display your tracked blood glucose numbers

If you use a connected blood glucose monitor, your information can be automatically displayed for your on Mango Display. No more fumbling through Apps to see your readings. It is displayed automatically to show you how you are doing and help you manage it the best way you can,.

Display data from fitbit, Apple watch and other apps and devices via Apple health

Encouraging positive behaviour change in health and fitness through glanceable feedback

By incorporating glanceable feedback into a user’s daily routine, Mango Mirror makes self-reflection and goal-setting daily activities without requiring that users alter their existing schedules.

Through a discussion of existing research from behavior science, human motivation, and product design, we have outlined the ways in which its innovative design reflects well-established insights about goal setting and motivation and incorporates cutting-edge features that leverage the persuasive power of glanceable feedback to support behavior change.

To read the entire white paper, click here.

Get started with a three month free trail

Download Mango Mirror App on your iPhone and Mango Display App on your tablet and get all the health widgets free for 3 months (cancel anytime) and just $1.99/month after

Health Tracking Widgets on Mango Display

Place the tablet running Mango Display on your counter, desk, bathroom or dresser. Choose the widgets you want to track - steps, nutrition, heart rate, sleep, weight. It will automatically update and display along with your goals to keep you on track.

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Amazing, your data in your face, everyday!

Having a dedicated display for my health has worked wonders for me. Using Mango Display as my personal health dashboard has been the key to reaching and maintaining my weight goal 

by Jessica T.
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