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Buy the original Mango Mirror, smart mirror. Display your health, fitness, nutrition, news, calendar, sleep, weather and more..


diy - Assemble your own mango mirror

Everything you need with video instructions to get your own smart mirror made with Mango Mirror Apps in under 10 minutes.

Displays data from fitbit, Apple watch and other apps and devices via Apple health

Reflect your best life

Make healthy decisions every day with your very own personal dashboard. View your steps, sleep, exercise, weight, calories, hydration and other data that you track via Apple Health or Fitbit, reflected on a Mango Mirror display of your choice - Smart Mirror, TV, Monitor or Tablet.

Designed in perfect harmony

Carefully selected fonts, colours, graphs, icons and transitions present you with seamless and beautiful visuals no mater which display option you choose.

Control with Mango Mirror App

Customize Mango Mirror to display the data you want to see. Add, Remove and Resize widgets. A screen timers allow you to loop through all your content.

No buttons. Just you.

The display magically appears when you approach Mango Mirror and disappears after you walk away*. Magic, and also saves energy.

*Motion sensor Feature available on Smart Mirror and MangOS. Double tap to wake/sleep feature available on Mango Mirror Display Android App.

Single User or Multi-User Configuration

Setup Mango Mirror with a single display layout for all users at home. Or set it up to so that each user in the home gets to see their own personalized display layout and data*.

*Multi-user configuration available on Smart Mirror and MangOS. Only Single user option available for Mango Mirror Display Android App.

Mango Mirror

Live in the future. Buy the Original Mango Mirror, smart mirror. Configure and Control it with our FREE 'Mango Mirror' iOS App. It's time the real world caught up with fairly tale technology!


Mango Display App (For Android)

Download the Free Mango Display App on your Android/Amazon Fire tablet and have your data displayed there. Configure and Control it with our FREE 'Mango Mirror' iOS App. An iOS App that controls an Android display, really 🤨

MangOS (for Raspberry Pi)

Download MangOS for FREE and run it on a Raspberry Pi. Connect it to any size display. Configure and Control it with our FREE 'Mango Mirror' iOS App. 

Mango + Raspberry + Apple = Fruitilicious 😋

Demo of sample widgets being displayed on Mango Mirror.  

Specific widget layout, size and loop timing are based on App settings.

Mango Mirror Featured on Discovery Channel


Lucas Cochran, Tech Correspondent, DAILY PLANET 

💚 from Reviewers & Users

Seeing charts of daily calories burned and consumed along with my weight and sleep data has been key in helping me reach my health goals for the year

- Michelle

I don't track my steps, but just having the time, weather, news calendar and Twitter feed on my mirror is an amazing way to start the day.

- Rob

Seeing my daily step count right on the mirror every time I look into it, has encouraged me to walk more, and more consistently than I have done before.

- Anne

Featured on

Stacey Higginbotham from Stacey on IOT

"The coolest thing about this mirror is that it uses your phone’s Bluetooth connection to “recognize” you so it can personalize your feed. This particular smart mirror is focused on health and wellness.."

Chris Young from

"Takes your health data and goals and literally puts them in your face, every morning and every night."

Widgets available on Mango Mirror App

Health & Activity




  Flights Climbed

  Active Energy

  Total Energy

  Resting Energy


  Blood Pressure

  Blood Glucose

  Heart Rate

Body and Weight

  Body Mass Index

  Body Fat Percentage


Nutrition & Sleep


  Total Fat

  Dietary Cholesterol

  Dietary Sugar

  Dietary Energy







  Time Asleep

  Time in Bed

Weather, Events, Time, Quotes, News, Twitter, Notes


  Today's weather

  24 hour weather forecast

  5 day weather forecast






Daily Quotes

News Headlines

Personal Notes

RescueTime Tracking (Productivity)